About the closed loop stepper:

Closed-loop stepper with step-loss compensation is the most common type of closed-loop stepper control. The stepper drive operates as a micro-stepping drive and typically receives pulse and direction commands to move to the desired position. An encoder tracks shaft or load position. If lost steps are detected, a compensation algorithm inserts additional steps so that the motor shaft (or load) arrives at the desired position. Typically, the stepper-motor drive has settings for two currents: The motor gets running current when in motion and gets resting current when stopped.

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They have been successfully implemented in many industrial such as CNC machinery (CNC routers, plasma, laser engravers/cutters, grinding machines, milling machines, etc), semiconductor, medical, lab automation, packaging...

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Ideal application areas for closed loop stepper motors:

  • Multiple axis applications (serial, Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANopen)
  • Positioning tasks with load changes
  • Winding applications
  • Belt drives (start/stop, positioning)
  • Dosing pumps, filler systems
  • Semi-conductor mounting
  • Wafer production
  • Textile machines/industrial sewing machines
  • Robotics
  • Testing and inspection systems
  • Applications that require quiet operation, short settling times and precision positioning

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