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Staffs Participate in Century Special Training Camp


Staffs of Fast to Buy Limited took part in the two-day and one-night Century Special Training camp. Not only do they have a good time, but also learn a great deal during this special training.


 “The camp makes me realize to say thanks. More importantly, taking responsibilities and paying out are the two things that I need to have,” Jane Wu, the finical manager, said with a little excitement.

 Century Special Training Camp is an activity of Century Re-practice International Education Company, Shenzhen. It aims to help staffs promote themselves on confidence, creativity, imagination and leadership etc by playing games in military ways. It also helps the company build group spirit and then the company grows stronger and stronger.

 Boss Lee said, “Sending all the staffs to attend this camp makes difference. Only staff grows wiser and stronger, Fast to Buy then will become a better and better e-commerce firm.”

 The training consists of 5 parts, all of which have their purposes. First one is to make a new military group, which helps build self-value recognition and learn communication with others; Second part is a human-reality game called Cloud of Chan Kuo, helping build staffs’ global thinking and creativity; Third is the jjgsaw puzzle; promoting people’s thanksgiving and humility; Fourth part is save hostages, training responsibilities; The last part is to climb Graduation Wall, people getting together and learning uniting.

 Staffs enjoyed all parts of the training and actually learned a lot from it.                                                         

 “I will never forget this two day. It reminds me of my days at school and warns me to go for excellence,” Cui, a salesman said. He also thought it was time for him to make changes and be better.

 Min Lee, who is responsible for company’s operation and popularizing, said in her review, “If all the staffs unite together, our company will become one of the best. The camp occurs that Union is really essential to company’s survivor and development.”

 Except for what they got in the training, two-day living together made the staff from different enterprise emerging impressive friendship. When the training was finished, some of them cried.

 “When we finished the Graduation Wall, some people cried for our victory and for our friend,” said Min Lee.


 Boss Lee said staffs were fond of this training and they actually got something from it. Fast to Buy Limited would non-schedulely join such kind of camp.


Company Move to a New Place 


FAST TO BUY LTD moves to a new place this year in order to suit the high development, new address is RM1207, FuTian International E-Commerce Industrial Park, Shangmeilin, Futian District, Shenzhen 518049, China. 

The FuTian International E-Commerce Industrial Park is the key project of the construction for “Central CBD high-end industrial zone” in Futian District, it is the e-commerce demonstration base award by the Ministry of Commerce. 

This park is located in Futian Central District, Shenzhen, aound Central CBD industial zone, and adjacent to the North Central Expressway route, it has a convenient transportation with many bus lines and a 5-minute way to the Meilin station of Metro Line 4. The surrounding community shows a convenient life with many banks, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainments. 

The entire park covers an area of 22,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 76,000 square meters, which consists of a new build main technology building, two upgrading technology building, and an entrepreneurial building. It has a beautiful environment with over 5000 square meters of leisure plaza, spacious residential roads and more than 420 parking spaces. 

Under the strong promotion and policy support of the Futian District government, this park will find their way to be the first-class e-commerce industrial park domestically.


Fasttobuy Become an Authorizated Reseller of UTEK TECHNOLOGY in Malaysia


FAST TO BUY LTD. always find ways to cooperate with more professional manufacturers and suppiers of industrial automation products, and recently become an authorizated reseller of UTEK TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD in Malaysia. 

The products we resell are of high quality with CE, FCC certifications. We hopw to expand a broader market in Malaysia in the near future for the help and cooperatation with particularly preferred partners.


Fasttobuy Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou ZDC Accessories Co., Ltd in Shenzhen.


Fast to Buy Ltd as efficient industrial solutions in the field of industrial automation, industrial measurement and control instrumentation, low voltage electrical and other fields to provide customers with personalized customized solutions. Guangzhou zero Refrigeration Parts Co., Ltd. is a complete solution of the auto parts industry, the production of large enterprises, the main products for the automotive air conditioning ducts, dry bottle, compressors and other automotive cooling.

The signing of this agreement will speed share business development in the international sales of automotive cooling accessories to provide strong support to meet the individual needs of more customers in the automotive and refrigeration industry, flexible production, providing customers with more and better industrial solutions.

I wish both refrigeration parts in the automotive industry to achieve better results!