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Fasttobuy, founded in 2011, provide CNC parts, CNC kits and CNC solutions for the CNC users and the manufacturers over the world. Our customers are getting more and more, until now, there are more than 40000 customers who are from   United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, etc.

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The parts for CNC include:

CNC Control System, Servo System, Stepper System, Reducer, VFD, PLC,Spindle, Guide Rail, Electric Control Panel,CNC Tools, CNC Machine Accessories and Motors.


Parts For

Different kinds of CNC Routers

such as: Woodworking CNC Router, Laser CNC Router, Metal CNC Router and Plasma CNC Router

Parts For

CNC Machines

such as: Wood Engraving, Metal Cutting, Abrasive Printing, Outdoor Welding, Mining Mining, Plastic Processing, 3D Printing, Medical Equipment, Municipal Services, Automotive, Rail Transit.


Some parts for CNC are the famous brands, such as Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Panasonic, Samsung etc.

At the same time, we provide many CNC Parts with good quality and good price for our customers who are the users, manufactures of CNC Routers and CNC Machines.

If you are the users of CNC (such as CNC Router):

These parts are high quality and not so expensive, anymore, you can buy the parts on our online shop from one piece. And we have quick and flexible shipment to let you get it as soon as possible (about 7days).

The users of the woodworking, metal process, plastic process can buy the good parts for their CNC including the CNC Routers for building and upgrade. Above all, we also have the service to help the users to get special parts they need and provide them the Technical solutions .

If you are the manufactures of CNC Routers:

Our OEM Department with Professional technical service engineers, sales engineers and professional services provide you parts & kits and OEM service according your CNC Routers. Our aim is to reduce the cost so that your Routers will have Competitiveness in the market. And we will help you to propaganda your routers in our Facebook group(there are many users in our group) by free.


Woodworking and CNC Group on facebook:





Our Advantage

A dynamic team can provide you professional, reliable products and services.

Product Development

10 years of global marketing experience, integrate 50 industrial categories, 10,000 SKU

Sales services30+ sales team, 24-hour sales service, 14 days no reason to return, 1 year warranty

Shipping Method


1. To establish overseas warehouse in Europe and North America;

2. To establish cooperation with well-known logistics providers such as DHL, AliExpress, Fedex, EMS and FBA;

3. To set up special logistics lanes in the United States, Australia, Russia,

Payment Method


credit card, T/T, western union, Paypal


Provide customized services on CNC machines and accessories, covering North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and other regions and countries

Technical Support

30+ CNC engineers to provide you with professional services support

Global Sales Channels

ebay, AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba Participate in the global industry exhibitions, such as Nuremberg, Germany, Chicago, USA and regular visits to our customers


Fasttobuy gave us the authentic YASKAWA servo products, price lowers 50% than local suppliers . Logistics is fast and communication is smooth. Quality is excellent, so that we could produce better equipments smoothly.

-- Material processing enterprises. Bill, a CNC equipment manufacturer in Michigan, USA


Off-line controller for CNC engraving machines purchased from fasttobuy, comes with high accuracy, fast speed, few keystrokes, easy operation, complete functions, low power consumption / low cost of use.

-- Materials Processing Business in Chicago

Faststbuy is a one-stop shop for all products we need. The Reessor Closed-Loop Stepping Kit + Power + Controller are fully equipped to save time. 

-- DIY. Wesley Howe, DIY Client, Houston, USA


dialog.pngCustomized 1,000 YASKAWA Servo Cables from fasttobuy, Price lower 60% than the Equal Same Quality in Japan to meet the large-scale production of machinery.

-- OEM. Jeff Hatch, Salt Lake City, Woodworking Machine Manufacturer


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