About Us

Shenzhen Fast To Buy Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, focusing on the vertical e-commerce business of electro-mechanical tools and products in industrial field, with brands such as "FASTTOBUY" and "TOAUTO", aiming to become a leading product-based enterprise in the industrial field.

Our product focuses on the needs of studios and geek user groups, including 3D printers, industrial automation core components, laser cutting machines, engraving machines, coding and coding equipment, hardware tools, etc...

CNC Control System, Servo System, Stepper System, Reducer, VFD, PLC,Spindle, Guide Rail, Electric Control Panel,CNC Tools, CNC Machine Accessories and Motors.


Fast To Buy is equipped with a "university-style" young learning team. High-density training is carried out using the method of external recruitment + internal training, professional + comprehensive, compulsory + optional courses, which is suitable for the development of learning talents who care about personal growth. We firmly believe that the progress of employees is the cornerstone of corporate development and reform. First-class companies need to introduce and train first-class talents. We firmly believe that suppliers are supporting partners for corporate development. Good products and businesses must be excellent.

We aim to continue to maintain rapid growth within 5 years and continue to strengthen our own brands, users, and product design capabilities. From an operation-driven business company to a user demand-driven product company, And build a talent team according to this goal.

Our goal is to become the target user group within 5 years. Electromechanical tools and supporting products Leading enterprises in the straight field, 10 times + growth. Realize the strategic shift from a boutique brand e-commerce company to a technology-based company with IoT products.