Servo System

A servo system is an electro mechanical or hydraulic system that can follow a desired position, speed or time in a closed loop fashion.  A servo system consists of a motive apparatus, a feedback sensor and and logic, usually electronic but can be mechanical, that commands the motive apparatus to a desired set point.  For example, In the case of a electric motor with an encoder and a motion controller, the servo loop creates a desired set point or even a motion profile, and the motion controller takes the position information from the encoder and compares it to the desired set point.  If the desired and actual position is the same, it does nothing.  If it is not, it drives the motor until it's position matches the the desired posiiton.

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These devices are used in mechatronics and in automation to control servomotors. They can be found on packaging lines, in machining centers, in materials handling, labeling and printing systems or to control robots and transfer gantries, among other uses.

How to choose

Consider the servo drive's field buses and the type of servomotor it can control.