MHME402GCH servo motor

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MHME402GCH PANASONIC servo motor


  1. Quick

2.0 kHz frequency response

Example application :Semiconductor production equipment, packaging, etc.

Achieves the industry’s fastest frequency response

of 2.0 kHz.

Operation speed up by new developed LSI and high

responsible control. By the industry’s fastest speed and

positioning response, a highly advanced system can be

created. What’s more, the shorter response delay will

realize an extremely lower vibration.


20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses (At incremental type)

Example application: Machine tools, textile machinery, etc.

Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration

at stopping.

Ensures accurate positioning in a short time.

New proprietary signal processing technology achieves

        million pulses with a 20-bit incremental encoder.


Low cogging torque (Excluding MSMD, MHMD, MDME 11.0kW. 15.0kW)

Example application :Semiconductor production equipment, textile machinery, etc.

For the industry’s most stable speed and lowest


We’ve achieved the industry’s lowest cogging by minimizing the

pulse width by a new design incorporating a 10-pole rotor for the

motor and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and

stability are greatly improved by the minimal torque

variation. This results to improved speed stability and speed stability and

positioning of motor rotation.


The input/output pulse 4 Mpps

Example application: Semiconductor production equipment, machine tools, etc

Accommodates the industry’s leading positioning

resolution commands (with pulse train commands).

The command input and feedback output operate at the high

speed of 4 Mpps. Accommodates high-resolution and

high-speed operation, including standard full closed operation.

(Provided with A5 only. )


  1. intelligent

Manual/Auto Damping Filter

Example application: Chip mounters, food processing machinery, robots,

general production machinery, etc.

Equipped with a damping filter featuring simplified

automatic setup.

The setup software features automatic setup of the damping

filter. This filter removes the natural vibration frequency

component from the command input, greatly reducing

vibration of the axis when stopping. The number of filters

has been increased to four from the conventional two filters

(two for simultaneous use). The adaptive frequency has also

been significantly expanded from 1 to 200 Hz.


Motion Simulation

Example application:General production machinery, etc.

Equipped with a simplified machine simulation


The setup software uses frequency response data acquired

from the actual machine. In addition, it features a machine

simulation function for performing simulated operation. This

allows you to easily confirm the effects of gain and

various filters without adjusting the actual equipment.


  1. Light

New Structure/ Innovative Core/ Innovative Encoder (Excluding MSMD, MHMD type)

Example application:Robots, chip mounters, general production machinery, etc.

Featuring significantly reduced

weight and a more compact motor

We’ve developed new designs for both

compact motors and large motors. The

new design used for the core has

succeeded in compact. The addition of

an innovative compact encoder has

contributed to a 10% to 25% (1 to 6 kg)

reduction in motor weight in the 1 kW

and larger class when compared with

conventional motors.

MHME402GCH PANASONIC servo motor

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