Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer Date Words QR Barcode Logo Inkjet Printer Machine 2-12.7mm 14 Languages

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Handheld  Inkjet Printer Machine 2-12.7mm 14 Languages Date Words QR Barcode Logo Printer

We also offer the Bracket, Conveyor and Ink for this printer, if you need it, please check below picture.


Application area: Can be applied to the printing of pipes, cartons, iron sheets, plastics, glass, alloy steel, tin foil materials etc.

1.Videos for operation:


2. Specifications& Feature:  



Color Black
Product Size18*13*12.6cm
battery capacity2800mAh
Working speed
 Printing orientation360-degree inkjet coding 
Print height2mm-12.7mm(Adjustable) 
Print distance2mm-5mm 
Printing precision600DPI, 400DPI, 300DPI
Cartridge capacity42ml
control panelCapacitive screen
Save informationLocal storage or U disk

3. Advantage


High-sensitivity capacitive touch screen


Print height 2mm-12.7mm adjustable


Machine writing or U disk import print content(csv, .txt, .log)


External optical controller


Installing ink cartridges is simpler and more convenient, and adopts the principle of installation self-locking.


Built-in print synchronizer


Can print QR code, production date, dot word, serial number, LOGO, etc.


Available in 14 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, German, Dutch)


System upgrade to make the touch screen more sensitive


The text input keyboard is enlarged, and it is more convenient to use keyboard input.

4.  Benefits for you

(1) The product control panel uses a mobile phone touch screen, and the touch screen has high sensitivity.

(2) You can use the product to write the printed content, or use the U disk to import the print.

(3) The printing height is 2mm-12.7mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual printing conditions.

(4) External photoelectric port: It can be installed on the bracket to match the assembly line to realize automatic production.

(5) Print synchronizer: to ensure the accuracy of printing, to prevent the printing effect caused by jitter or uneven motion,

(6.) can print QR code, production date, dot word, serial number, LOGO, etc.

(7). Available in 14 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, German, Dutch)

(8) Brand new model inkjet printer, which solves the problem of insensitive screen, improper ink cartridge installation, ink shortage, ink blocking, and inconvenient printing input.

5. More choices available(please leave a message)

Power Specifications

U.S. regulations

Power Specifications

U.K regulations

Power Specifications

E.U regulations

6.Application area

Can be applied to the printing of pipes, cartons, iron sheets, plastics, glass, alloy steel, tin foil materials, etc.

7. Technical Support:

If the ink cartridge is not used, it must be covered with a cover. After the ink cartridge is torn open and sealed, it is best to use it within 3-4 months.
The machine must not be able to unplug the ink cartridge or install the ink cartridge when it is turned on.
The loading and unloading of the ink cartridge must be performed in the off state.
Solution to the problem of cartridge clogging:
1. The ink cartridge can be jammed on cardboard or white paper and printed continuously several times until the print is clear.
2. Wipe the nozzle with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or a paper towel, or soak in alcohol.
3. In the “Settings”, find “Flash Time” set to 10 and print again.
4, in the "Settings" find the "sprinkler settings" exchange left and right nozzles
5. Shake the cartridge up and down.

8. FAQ :

Q: How high can I print the font?
A: The print font height is 2-12.7mm, and the length is not limited.

Q: How to install the ink cartridge?
A: The ink cartridge is installed and the machine is turned off. Open the cover of the ink cartridge and align the ink jet port of the ink cartridge with the print surface. Install it up and lock the cartridge. Remove the ink cartridge from the machine after use and cover the ink cartridge with the cover.

Q: After the ink cartridge is used up, can it be added quickly?
A: Yes, our original ink cartridges are available for sale. If you need more ink cartridges, you can visit our store.

Q: How long does it take to dry the ink?
A: Generally 3S is needed, but for some glasses, printing on plastic may require 5-6S.

Q: What is the print distance of the machine?
A: The distance of the print from the nozzle is 2-5 mm.

Q: The font is not clear when printed, and the ink is blurred.
A: It is not necessary to pressurize the inkjet machine when printing. It is only necessary to place the inkjet machine on the plane to be printed, and then the inkjet printer does not need to move the ink.

Q: Can I print on an uneven surface? Can you print a bottle, for example?
A: Yes, but it needs to be used with the fixing plate when it is used (the fixed plate is sent)

Q: What should I do if the font appears unclear?
A: 1. First determine if the distance is too far, too far, the font will be unclear.
2. Confirm that the ink cartridge has ink;
3. In the machine setup, adjust the inkjet outlet (there are two left and right inkjet ports) and design the inkjet frequency
4.In the print setup. If the first three do not work, the ink cartridge is blocked and the alcohol is used to clean the inkjet.

Q: Can the font size be adjusted? Do I need to print LOGO to achieve it?
A: The font size can be adjusted. Print LOGO can use the U disk to insert pictures. Image pixels must not exceed 150*150. Monochrome images, pictures in bmp format.

Q: When I print, I need to print the QR code, text, time, and logo at the same time. Can it be achieved?
A: Yes. These can all be achieved.

Q: I want to confirm, how much can I print in one minute?
A: If using hand-held printing, in the skilled case, the print tray can be printed 60 times in 1 minute. If you print automatically using a pipeliner, you can print 90 times in 1 minute.

Q: What functions can this printer implement?
A: There is also a counting function, which can set the count and automatically print different count numbers for each print product.

Please contact us for more technical questions.
All Products from the factory will be provided for one year warranty after sales and lifetime technical support.

9. Application show:

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