Return Policy

1,All products from our company (excluding special goods) have 1 year quality warranty and free-repair for quality problems. The buyer pay for the delivery cost to fast to buy limited while fast to buy limited pay for the delivery cost to the buyer.

2,For the original brand new goods, any quality problem in 1 year, please contact the local after-sales service station of the goods to solve it. You can also return it to fast to buy limited and ask fast to buy limited help deal with it and pay for the delivery cost to fast to buy limited. For the second hand goods, return to 1.

3,After the receipt of the goods, buyers can return goods without any reason in 7 days(excluding special goods).The buyer should pay for the delivery cost of the return and shipment and can’t influence the article sale of the goods.

4,The buyer should inspect the appearance and accessories of the goods carefully after receiving the goods. If the appearance is damaged, please offer the photos to fast to buy limited and report it to the logistic company. Fast to buy limited will claim the logistic company depending on the evidence that the buyer offered.

5,If the buyer’s local customs ask for the custom duties while the goods shipped, the buyer should solve it by themselves. If the buyer doesn’t handle in time but ask for return the goods, fast to buy limited have the right to refuse.

6,Any one of the following situations doesn’t belong to the scope of warranty:

       A out of the warranty period;

       B damaged because of wrong way to use or maintenance;

       C damaged because of the repair by non manufacturers designated repair point;

       D changed products’ serial number without agreement;

       E the goods don’t match with the type or serial number;

       F damaged because of the force majeure;

       G no quality problems, such as not satisfy the color, appearance, shape or compatibility question.

       H fast to buy limited don’t provide data safety service for the goods with memory function products.

7. special goods’ definition: fragile items such as LCD screen, customized products, such as the PCB board and test fixture and so on. gifts and accessories.